Travel with NordVPN

Think about it. When you travel, you jeopardize your cyber security more than when you stay home. You depend on public wi-fi networks at airports, hotels, and restaurants, giving hackers a simple way to access your smartphone, computer, tablet, and other devices. If you’ll travel with NordVPN, you’ll keep cybercriminals at bay.

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Travel with NordVPN

Cyber crime pays. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry. Malicious players want to capture everything you do online. From tracking which websites you visit to intercepting your personal payment data, your web activity is a valuable commodity.

Divorce attorneys, government agencies, law enforcement officials, snoops, and hackers can all harm you by finding out your private information. Even your ISP sells your online tracks to the highest bidder.

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Whether you fly or take a road trip, you want to travel light. You also want to relax. That’s understandable. As you enjoy your new surroundings, you face new threats from cybercriminals who specialize in exploiting business travellers and tourists.

How does NordVPN help?

When you get NordVPN, you’ll have access to all that company’s apps for mobile phones and other devices. When you log on, NordVPN creates an encrypted tunnel that shields all your online activity from prying eyes. The service will also assign you an anonymous IP address. You get unprecedented online security.

Why is my IP address important?

Your devices have a unique identifier, called an IP address, that can associate your online activity with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) account and, therefore, with you.

Corporations, law firms, and blackmailers, and police can obtain your IP address from your ISP and, consequently, know everything you do online. Such people can often view the data you exchange with websites and email recipients.

Watch Netflix when you travel with NordVPN

Traveling with NordVPN gives you a chance to use your personal Netflix account regardless of your location. All you have to do is connect to a VPN server that’s in your home region.

Even at home, NordVPN can help you by giving you access to Netflix’ foreign catalogs. All you have to do is connect to a server in your targeted country.

Your VPN will also give you a chance to access other online streaming services, including Putlocker.

NordVPN can also give you access to geo restricted content such as sporting events.

Finally, if you connect to NordVPN, you can download files via torrents without disclosing your identity.

Learn how to use a VPN to keep your data safe and private.

NordVPN at home and abroad

Wherever you are, you can enjoy unsurpassed online privacy and security by connecting to NordVPN before you use the internet. Convenient free apps and innovative encryption protocols ensure that you and your data stay safe.

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