If you need to unblock Instagram at school, you’ve come to the right place.

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Does this sound like your day at school?

Imagine having a fantastic day. Everything’s going your way.

  • You enjoyed your school lunch.
  • Chemistry class went perfectly.
  • All your projects are falling into place.
  • You’re getting along with everybody!

Also imagine that, with everything going so right, that you want to share your experiences on Instagram.

So, you try to log in, using your smartphone and your fortune quickly changes. Your screen may look something like this:

Unblock Instagram at School

What are you going to do now?

Well, you could let your school control what you do on your phone. I bet that would make you feel good about yourself (Not!).


You could unblock Instagram at school using a VPN.

Why do you need to unblock Instagram at school?

Schools have several reasons for blocking Instagram and other social media sites.

One reason is to prevent students from being distracted from their studies.

After all, during a boring lecture, you probably feel like checking Instagram as a diversion.

Secondly, schools want to conserve their bandwidth.

After all, if everyone is downloading images and videos from Instagram, important video conferences and streaming lectures might not properly display during class time.

Online bullying via Instagram is another concern that your school may have.

Finally, schools may block Instagram and other sites to protect them from liability.

You see, if someone downloads copyrighted or inappropriate content from the internet using your school’s network, your school could get sued and penalized.

Why Can’t I Use Instagram for School?

The downside of blocking Instagram is that students can’t use Instagram to create an online portfolio of their artwork.

Similarly, by blocking Instagram, students can’t access the site to get creative ideas for their own work.

As you already found out, blocked Instagram at school prevents you from sharing your experiences with your friends. 

Additionally, students often want to use Instagram to get images for use in PowerPoint presentations and printed reports.

Fortunately, you can unblock Instagram at school.

How To Unblock Instagram at School

Totalitarian governments around the world block Instagram and other websites from everyone in an entire country. Also, many employers block Instagram in the workplace. Even at home, an increasing number of parents are blocking content that’s accessible from their WiFi network.

I’m not promoting anything here. 

I’m just letting you know that you can unblock Instagram at school and other places that restrict internet access.

I’m also helping you securely, privately, and anonymously use the internet over public WiFi connections. 

So, let’s get started.

How do I Unblock Instagram at School?

Your first step is to analyze your equipment. If you intend to use school computers, such as those in the computer lab, you might not be able to unblock Instagram at school. This is because network administrators usually use group policies to make sure computer users can’t install unauthorized software on school-owned machines.

Also, system administrators at your school may want to prevent students from changing important computer settings.

Therefore, if you intend to unblock Instagram on a school computer, you should first see if you can install VPN or Smart DNS onto it.

If not, you still have options, as long as your school allows you to connect your personal computer and mobile devices to their WiFi network.

Getting Started

The key to getting Instagram unblocked is a VPN service.

If you haven’t yet chosen a VPN service, use our VPN reviews to learn about our top, most-recommended options.

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With your VPN installed on your computer or mobile device, you will unblock Instagram.

This works because your school’s network doesn’t know that you’re visiting Instagram.

How does unblocking Instagram with VPN work?

When you connect to a server operated by your VPN service, your school will know that you’ve made a connection. However, since your online destination is a server other than Instagram, your connection will go through.

Your VPN creates a private, encrypted tunnel through that connection. When you type Instagram.com into your browser’s address bar, that information is relayed to your VPN server, which processes the request through your private tunnel.

Meanwhile, no one on the outside knows what you’re doing online. As a matter of fact, your VPN hides your IP address. Everything you do online now has the IP address of your VPN server.

Other options for unblocking Instagram at school

Using a VPN to unblock Instagram at school is probably the best way to do it. However, it isn’t the only way.

Other options may include:

Using the Tor Browser. This is a distributed, anonymous browsing service that relies on a network of servers to veil your actual IP address. Visit the Tor Project to download the Tor Browser and learn more about how the Tor network works.

Using a Proxy Server. You can buy a proxy service that will disguise your IP address, but won’t provide the secure private tunnel that comes with a VPN. If you don’t mind having your tracks exposed to your school, hackers and the rest of the world, you can choose a proxy server. Also, proxy servers demand less bandwidth and therefore often provide faster speeds than a VPN.

Although we recommend ProxyServer.com, you will find that other proxy servers are available that can do an equally good job at unblocking Instagram at school. For example, TorGuard offers a proxy server that you can use by itself or together with a VPN.

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