From students’ perspectives, Facebook is “yesterday.” According to a Guardian report, at least 2 million people who are younger than 25 years old will quit using the site. Although many are fleeing to SnapChat, others are gravitating to Instagram. However, at school, the problems stay the same. Here’s what you need to know to unblock Instagram on school computers.

Unblock Instagram on school computers

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to use the computers at school. However, when you sit down in the computer lab and library, you might find out that your school is blocking Instagram.

As a matter of fact, your school might be blocking all social networks.

How to respond

You have better chances to access Instagram if you unblock school WiFi on your smartphone or laptop than you unblocking it on a school computer.

System administrators normally have school computers locked down via user profiles and other tactics, making it very difficult for anyone, including you, to install software on them.

Don’t take it personally. Schools can’t afford to risk allowing viruses and malware to corrupt their computers. Also, they can’t allow students to change computers by installing software and altering screensavers and other settings.

Furthermore, your school probably wants to make sure that every time a student sits down at a computer that it looks and works the same.

Here’s your IP information: Are you protected?

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Instagram is OK

Before you ask, you need to know that Instagram is OK. In fact, students can find many uses for Instagram that are directly related to school:

  • Field trips.
  • Sharing experiences.
  • Preparing presentations.
  • Getting inspiration.
  • Treasure hunts.

Instagram can make school more productive and fun, so why does your school block it in the first place?

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Why Instagram is blocked

To begin with, schools want students to stay focused on their work. So, they often go overboard restricting your internet access.

Also, schools often become concerned with bandwidth. If every student was uploading and downloading photos to Instagram all day, they may slow the network for other users.

Finally, schools want to prevent liability. If you download a photo that someone considers offensive to a school computer, the school could be sued by the student who saw it. So, for their own protection, Instagram is blocked.

What to do

First, find out if you can install software on your school computer under your login. After logging in, visit your paid VPN provider’s website and download the appropriate VPN client for the operating system.

If you can’t install the software, see if you can modify the computer’s DNS settings. When you do this, enter the DNS server addresses of your VPN provider. You can also try using CloudFare’s privacy-oriented DNS (

Unblock Instagram on school computers

If you can’t change the DNS settings on the computer, you probably also can’t change the web browser’s proxy settings. However, you can try. If you can, add the proxy address for your VPN provider. Depending on your service, you may need to add Web Proxy to your service plan.

In many schools, even if you can install software, the changes you make are only temporary. So, prepare yourself to either install your VPN client, change the DNS settings or add a proxy every time you visit the computer lab or library.

Other solutions

You can probably have an easier time unblocking Instagram by unblocking your school’s WiFi than when you try to unblock Instagram on school computers. This is because you have more control over your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

So, while using your own device, connect to your school’s WiFi as you would on any ordinary day.

Next, before attempting to visit Instagram, connect to your paid VPN service using the app from your VPN provider.

After logging into your VPN, your school can no longer detect what websites you visit. Also, since you get a new IP address from your VPN server, nobody can trace your Instagram activity back to your school’s network.

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