You can use a VPN to unblock school WiFi, bypass your school’s firewall, and freely access the online resources you want and need. Additionally, you can use a VPN to encrypt your connection to prevent your school, corporations and the government from tracking your activities.

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How do you unblock the WiFi?

Your school WiFi may block you from online resources as varied as Instagram and Netflix. You can bypass the restrictions created by your school by first connecting to a high-quality VPN service.

Unblock School WiFi – Why?

“Why do I want to unblock school WiFi?” That’s a question we get a lot from people who are just now starting their journey into internet freedom. The simple answer is “To be free.”

Schools generally restrict the sites students can access via the on-campus Wi-Fi network. You’ll find that in every case, schools have similar reasons, although they may vary depending on the type of school in question.

A high school, middle school or elementary school may have more of an interest in blocking content that parents might find objectionable. For example, they might blame gaming sites to prevent students from goofing off during class.

Colleges, on the other hand, might allow for some gaming websites but might forbid access to pirate websites that offer textbooks.

Additionally, practically every school is going to try to restrict student access to pornography and other offensive material.

Just imagine the legal liability involved if a student of any age is unwittingly exposed to porn downloaded by another student via that school’s WiFi! That school would be open to practically unlimited legal liability.

Similarly, schools want to block torrents so that textbook and entertainment corporations don’t sue them for providing student access via WiFi to pirate content.

Other reasons to block school WiFi

In addition to protecting themselves from liability, some schools block content for other reasons. For example, just imagine if every student had a legitimate legal Netflix account and they all started watching movies at the same time. The school’s network could slow to a crawl or even crash.

Similarly, what happens if all the students are browsing Instagram over school WiFi during classroom lectures? Some schools feel as though they must block social networks over their WiFi to encourage the participation of their students in the educational process.

How to unblock school WiFi

If you’re like thousands of other students, you came here looking for ways to unblock school WiFi. In short, a VPN service is a perfect answer.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow you to create private tunnels through your school’s WiFi to an offsite server. Although your school will know that you’ve connected to an external server, they won’t know what you’re doing with that connection.

In other words, if you use a VPN to unblock school WiFi, your school has plausible deniability. After all, they can prove to corporate and government entities that they have taken responsible measures to prevent the use of their WiFi for nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, you have the ability to unblock Instagram, other social networks, putlockers, Netflix, torrents and other online resources via your school’s convenient WiFi network.

In other words, VPNs are a win-win solution for unblocking school WiFi.

Beware while unblocking school WiFi!

Just because you have unblocked school WiFi by using a VPN doesn’t mean that you’re safe from accountability.

First, you need to remember that a good VPN service doesn’t keep any logs. This means that your activities can be completely secure and anonymous.

Still, you’re responsible for what you do online. For example, if you download an illegal torrent, you are still legally liable for that act, if you get caught.

Also, if you download porn and the wrong person sees it, you can still be sued by other students and your school for inappropriate behavior.

So, a VPN isn’t a license to break the law. Remember that.

You might even feel good about downloading a movie and sharing it with your friends. Do so at your own risk.

Someone could report your illegal activities to the school or police and you’ll get in trouble.

A VPN can unblock school WiFi, but you’re still responsible for what you do. 


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