OctaneVPN is not connecting – Why?

OctaneVPN is not connecting

You bought OctaneVPN. You installed the app. Now, OctaneVPN isn’t connecting. Why is that? First, don’t give up. I’m assuming that you carefully compared available VPN products and decided that OctaneVPN was the best VPN for you. Who can argue with that? Only you can make that decision. So, now that you’re OctaneVPN’s customer, what … Read more

Norton Secure VPN vs ExpressVPN

Norton VPN vs ExpressVPN

Can you trust the Rush Limbaugh VPN recommendation? Symantec pays Rush to promote Norton Secure VPN on the Rush Limbaugh show. But, is it really a good product? Is Norton a better than NordVPN as a choice for you? You keep asking how Norton stacks up against other services. Here’s your answer. Below, let’s take … Read more