VPN protocols guide

Do you need a VPN for business? Of course, you do. Without a paid VPN service, there’s no way for you to have private internet access. Privacy is essential, especially when you’re working on your own as a freelancer or a small home-based business.

Why does your business need a VPN?

Let’s face it, global banks, payment processors and retailers aren’t the only targets of hackers, competitor espionage, cyber squatters, and other online threats. However, attacks on large businesses are most likely to grab headlines. read more

How do I get unblocked porn at school?

You’re in the mood for porn, so you pick up your smartphone or laptop to visit your favorite porn site. It’s blocked. Your network administrator has blocked porn on your work or school’s WiFi.

What now?

You can get unblocked porn at school or work if you first connect to a VPN.

Why is porn blocked at school or work?

Your school is responsible for everything that happens on its network. So, knowing that porn is offensive to many people, your school has blocked porn. The same thing happens at work.

Besides, at work, you’re supposed to be working. Right? Likewise, at school, you’re supposed to be learning. Your school wants to block websites that are going to distract you from your mission. read more

What is VPN?

What is VPN? It’s a tool that can give you online freedom and safety.

Without a VPN, your ISP can see the details of your online activities and sell that information.

Also, your ISP routinely turns over your user data government agencies and marketing corporations.

Meanwhile, hackers can easily intercept your online data as you use the internet for work, school, or personal use.

A VPN adds security to your online experience by sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. Consequently, while connected, no one can see what websites you visit. read more

What VPN for Kodi Actually Works? [Answered]

Kodi’s one of the leading video streaming solutions. However, if you don’t have the best VPN for Kodi, you’re at risk. Copyright trolls are everywhere online, trying to bust you for illegally viewing content. Stop them!

Let’s face it: One of the reasons you love Kodi is because of its available add ons. Essentially, you can watch all the TV shows, documentaries, live sports, news, and other video content with one platform: Kodi.

So, now that Kodi is the go-to solution for video bingers, copyright holders are pursuing lawsuits against unprotected Kodi users. Some ISPs are banning Kodi users and canceling their accounts. That’s why you need a Kodi VPN. read more