VPN Industry Consolidates [Infographic]

Only 23 companies own the 99 VPN products reviewed by VPN Pro. In addition to providing shocking evidence of consolidation in the VPN industry, the report proves that you have fewer VPN choices than you think you have.

The study also reveals that many of the companies that own free and paid VPN services try to hide their true operational jurisdiction.

If you’re not careful, the confusion and deception in the VPN industry could mislead you into buying the wrong product. Also, you might jeopardize your online security by choosing the wrong VPN.

For example, you might buy a VPN based on a phony VPN review website that’s owned by a company that also owns VPN services.

Similarly, you may buy a VPN thinking that it’s outside of 5-, 9-, and 14-eyes jurisdictions. However, the shadowy company that owns that service may operate from China, the USA, or another privacy-abusive country.

VPN Industry Consolidates

You see a lot of VPN brands out there, but just a few companies run all of them.

Avoid Fake VPN Review Websites

VPN shoppers often believe that VPN websites that publish VPN reviews provide them with fair, objective information. They don’t.

According to the VPNPRO, Gaditek, a Karachi-based tech company (Karachi is the capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh), owns and runs at least five VPN review sites, including:

  • vpnranks.com
  • bestvpnservice.com
  • bestvpn.com

Gaditek uses this deception in an attempt to manipulate the VPN market. Also, the VPN services owned by Gaditek are subject to Pakistani cybersecurity laws.

In Pakistan, the government has access to all data. Also, the Pakistani government and Pakistani corporations can share their data with anyone without even a warrant or formal request.

You can’t trust vpnranks.com, bestvpnservice.com, or bestvpn.

Who owns IwantMyVPN.com?

IwantMyVPN.com is not owned by a VPN company or service provider. We are a private, independent website that helps VPN shoppers find the best VPNs at the best prices.

Is ExpressVPN safe?

We normally recommend ExpressVPN as one of the world’s fastest and most-secure VPNs. however, a commentor on the VPN Pro web site has this to say about ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is actually operated by a company named Chengbao Limited.
It may be registered as a BVI company on paper, but it actually has operations coming out of HK, China.

The name itself, Chengbao, is also in itself a Mandarin term that translates roughly to “castle” or “fortress” in English, and is not a language that HK locals would typically use (Cantonese).

It may not mean anything, but for the ultra-secure-minded person in me, I think that’s just a little dodgy.

– YKLD via https://vpnpro.com/blog/hidden-vpn-owners-unveiled-97-vpns-23-companies/

Is PureVPN Safe?

PureVPN is owned by a Pakistan-based firm that also operates fake VPN review websites such as vpnranks.com. Do you trust Pakistan?

Although IwantMyVPN.com doesn’t recommend PureVPN, you’ll occassionally see advertisements for PureVPN on our website.

VPN Infographic

The few behind the many: hidden VPN owners unveiled.

Shop smarter for a VPN

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