Why do remote workers need a VPN?

Remote work increases your cybersecurity risk for several reasons. To begin with, your online tracks reveal who you’re working for. Is that a problem? Yes. Today’s labor marketplace is insanely competitive. People will do practically everything – including monitor your online activity – to find out who’s hiring and for what.

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Why do remote workers need a VPN?

If you’re working at home, you need to take security precautions. You’re now sending your personal and business data through your ISP.

Your ISP and hackers can’t sell your information if they can’t access it.

As a remote worker, you spend a lot of time online, increasing your digital footprint. While working, you put your business’ sensitive information at risk.

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Also, if you’re like many remote workers, you use the same computer for work and personal activities. You expose your whole life to cybercriminals. Do you feel comfortable assuming that risk? NordVPN for remote workers can help.

Finally, remote workers often work in many locations, including public areas. These areas include places such as Starbucks, libraries, airports, coworking locations, and client offices. You can only secure your privacy by connecting to a VPN before you go online.

How does a VPN help?

Connecting to a VPN creates an encrypted pipeline between your computer and the VPN server. No one, including your ISP, can see what data you’re sending through that tunnel.

When your data reaches the VPN server, your VPN provider assigns an anonymous IP address to you, giving you online anonymity.

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A no-logs VPN doesn’t store records regarding your IP addresses or online activities. Therefore, if your VPN service receives a warrant or subpoena, they have no information to share.

Moreover, your competitors and other snoops will have no way of discovering information such as your bank, customers, and vendors.

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In summary, remote workers need a VPN because:

  • Avoid being undermined by competitors.
  • Secure proprietary and confidential information.
  • Protect banking and payments.
  • Safely use third-party Wi-Fi.
  • Preserve your personal online safety and anonymity.