Why does NordVPN keep logging me out?

Your personal and business life depends on the internet. To protect yourself and your business, you bought NordVPN. Now, you have problems. NordVPN works for a while and then, when you least expect it, it disconnects and logs you out. That’s why you ask, “Why does NordVPN keep logging me out?”

Now and then the NordVPN app logs you out of your account, leaving you without privacy. When this happens, remote workers must spend a lot of time and effort logging in again. This might happen to you when you use the NordVPN app on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices.

You’re aggravated. We understand.

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Why does NordVPN keep logging me out?

You most likely have one or more issues with your NordVPN account. Let’s discuss a few of these to see if we can help you solve your problem.

NordVPN logs me out: Solutions

Several factors may cause NordVPN to log you out of your app.

Device Limit Exceeded

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to your NordVPN account. Just suppose you have some devices connected to NordVPN:

  • Smartphone.
  • Laptop.
  • Smart TV.
  • Xbox.
  • Firestick.

All these will work fine. But what will happen if you connect NordVPN to your iPad or another computer? Chances are, NordVPN will log out one or more of your devices. When this happens, you won’t have the protection NordVPN offers.

You can install the NordVPN apps on as many devices as you want, but you can online log in six at a time.

Why does NordVPN have a device limit?
To maintain quality.

NordVPN operates the world’s top VPN service. To maintain that service, the company must properly manage its networks. If too many devices connect, system speed degradation could reduce the quality of service supplied to NordVPN customers.

To reduce abuse.

Hackers often attack NordVPN, hoping to gain illicit access to the firm’s VPN network. By limiting the number of simultaneous connections per account, NordVPN can minimize the damage caused by compromised accounts.

How do I connect more devices to NordVPN?

If you have over six devices to connect to your single NordVPN account, you can choose to use a VPN-enabled router. So, rather than connecting every device from your home or office through NordVPN apps, you connect your router, which only counts as one device.

When you connect your router to NordVPN, all the traffic managed by your router will go through the VPN. A VPN-enabled router allows you to share a single NordVPN connection with unlimited devices.

Hackers compromised your account

Hackers know NordVPN supplies exceptional value to its users. They also know that some people want to use NordVPN without paying for it. For these reasons, hackers attempt to compromise the accounts of legitimate, paid NordVPN subscribers.

If cybercriminals could get your NordVPN username and password, they could distribute it online, along with a NordVPN cracked copy. People who downloaded the apps and your user credentials could use your NordVPN account without your knowledge. Now, NordVPN logs you out if you reach your connection limit.

Just think about it. If you normally only connect one device to NordVPN, five illegal users can connect to your account before you notice any problems. When the sixth illegal user connects, guess what? NordVPN logs you out.

For additional suggestions, follow the tips provided by NordVPN support in this article.

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