Despite my open mind, I’m slightly fed up with VyprVPN. I’ve tried to get VyprVPN tech support involved to no avail. So, let me tell you why VyprVPN pisses me off.

Why VyprVPN pisses me off

First, let me preface this by telling you that it’s VyprVPN for Mac OS that pisses me off. I don’t use Windows often. As a matter of fact, I let other team members test Windows apps.

Here’s my problem with VyprVPN

When VyprVPN works, it’s fantastic. So, I’m not totally recommending against using it.

However, when I go back to work after my Mac goes to sleep, all my apps except VyprVPN come back to life. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget.

So, after working for who knows how long, I notice that I’m not protected.

VyprVPN pisses me off
VyprVPN for Mac dies after sleep.

That’s not what I signed up for.

Even worse, there’s no way to resuscitate VyprVPN for Mac without force-quitting the app.

How do other Mac VPN apps handle sleep?

Of all the apps I’ve tested, NordVPN is the only Mac VPN app that doesn’t leave me exposed after my Mac goes to sleep.

TorGuard is a close second. Its hardware kill switch prevents any network activity until I reconnect. Still, every time, I usually have to force-quit the TorGuard app before I can re-enable the network and connect to a VPN server.

However, TorGuard doesn’t make me vulnerable.

Don’t you promote VyprVPN?

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That doesn’t mean we have to lie about the product. provides unbiased product reviews. We always honestly and accurately share our opinions and experiences.

If my telling you that VyprVPN pisses me off causes you to not buy the product, I understand.

We recommend several other VPN services that, in my opinion, will give you better results on Macs.

Final Thoughts about Why VyprVPN pisses me off

Now you know why VyprVPN pisses me off. I get angry when a service for which I’m paying leaves me vulnerable.

I get even more agitated when tech support refuses to discuss the problem.

What’s your experience with VyprVPN? Does VyprVPN leave your Mac exposed after sleep? I’d love to here your take, so send me an email at [email protected].