“What are you talking about? My grandparents need a VPN? OMG! They’re way too old!”

No they’re not.

Right now, practically everyone needs the internet for daily life. As a matter of fact, the older you get, the more you need your VPN.

Everyone needs a VPN

Cybercriminals, hackers, and snoops don’t care how old you are. They will spy on you, download your data, steal your identity, and wreak havoc on your life.

Using a VPN isn’t too hard either. NordVPN is one of the easiest VPN services to buy, install and use. In fact, a single mouse click can connect you to safety.

In other words, it’s beginner-friendly.

Regardless of which VPN you choose, you need to understand that your entire family needs a VPN. Here’s a quick review.

Your grandparents need a VPN

Do you have one or more grandparents living in an assisted living residence? If so, they should get a VPN. The Wi-Fi in those facilities is just as insecure as that at your local coffee shop.

Of course, you might ask, “Who would want to hurt old people?” You’d be surprised.

For starters, many older folks are tech-savvy, so your grandparents’ neighbors might hack them just for fun. Even worse, they might use their knowledge of your grandparents’ online activities for either blackmail or local gossip.

Your Grandparents Need a VPN: Here’s Why

Nursing home staffers are notorious for committing crimes against the residents under their care. It just takes one bad apple to harvest your grandparents’ login credentials and they could drain their bank accounts and assume their identity.

We won’t be surprised if you tell us that your grandparents resist the idea of using a VPN.

However, if they’ll give it a try, they’ll realize how easily they can stay safe online.

A VPN for Your parents

You need your parents to stay safe online. After all, if you’re young, you probably depend on them.

For starters, they need to connect to a VPN whenever they work at home or on the road. When they do, all their data goes through an encrypted tunnel. As a result, their competitors can’t spy on them. A VPN can also protect vital information such as website browsing histories as well as banking and client data.

Similarly, a VPN can enhance your parents’ personal online security. They can use the VPN to unblock geo-sensitive web services such as Netflix.  Also, the VPN ensures that their ISP can’t harvest their data for sale to corporations and disclosure to governments.

Use a VPN for your children

Everyone needs online access. Right? Unfortunately, kids love playing games and installing apps. They also don’t understand the importance of online security. In other words, they can get careless.

Online RPGs and other applications disclose users’ IP addresses. In the case of your children, their IP address is probably the same as yours. They could put your entire household at risk.

Fortunately, you can avoid online gaming risks by taking some basic precautions. For instance, if you make sure that your children always connect to their VPN before using the internet, no one will know their true IP address.

When your children go to school, they should still use their VPN. Often school WiFi blocks Instagram and other popular websites. By connecting to their VPN first, they can unblock Instagram on school WiFi and access all the information they need to do their school work.

Your siblings need a VPN

You don’t want your brothers and sisters to get hurt by cybercriminals. Do you? Of course not!

That’s why it’s up to you to tell them about the power of VPNs. Tell them how they need a VPN to create an encrypted tunnel from their computers and devices to a secure server.

When they do this, their online traffic receives an anonymous IP address that makes it impossible for anyone to trace their activity. Even if they download files via Torrenting apps, corporate and government monitors won’t be able to trace such behavior back to them.

Simply put, everyone needs a VPN.

What are you waiting for? Getting a VPN for you and your family can dramatically improve your online security without complicating your life.

We recommend NordVPN because it’s one of the most secure VPN services, and it is easy to use.  Of course, we encourage you to check out our other VPN reviews to make sure you get the VPN that’s right for you.