I Want My VPN!

Protect yourself. It’s time. When you use the internet you expose yourself, your family, and your business to myriad risks. You can take charge of your online experience with a VPN. I Want My VPN! is a business that’s dedicated to researching, testing, and reviewing the best VPNs. We also provide the best VPN “How To’s” that help you get the most value from your VPN subscription.

I Want MY VPN! Only the Best VPNs.
I Want MY VPN! Only the Best VPNs

I Want My VPN!

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re about to make your final decision, IwantMyVPN.com has resources to help. Most people start at our blog. You can also search our site for a particular VPN.

Hacked? Doxed? Censored? Throttled? Banned? You need a VPN.

We’ll explain to you why you should never trust a “free” VPN.

Our VPN reviews and info help you learn about how VPNs work and which one will fit your lifestyle.

Get the security and peace of mind that you deserve. Use our links to get the best deals on the top VPN services.

Use our links to go directly to your VPN service where you’ll check out. You’ll never share your personal or payment information with IwantMyVPN.com.

What is a VPN?

VPNs give you a way to keep your online tracks private. Your VPN connection creates an encrypted pipeline between you and a distant server. No one, not even your ISP, can track what you do after you connect to your VPN.

When you have an active VPN connection, you will appear to have a different IP address than the unique identifier you receive from your ISP. If you never reveal any personal data, such as logging into a website using unique credentials, you can browse the web anonymously.

A VPN app for Every Device

NordVPN, a leading player in the VPN industry, provides users with apps for all popular devices. Right now, you can use NordVPN apps for Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Linux computers and Macs.

We recommend VPNs besides NordVPN. Use the following links to get the best deal on top VPN services.

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VPN Review Features

Our VPN reviews give you the details about each VPN provider. We drill down to describe relevant features and highlight important specifications.

By learning from (and shopping with) IwantMyVPN.com, you’ll avoid the pitfalls that can waste your time and money.

For instance, we warn you against using free VPN services. These capture and sell your data to their marketing partners.

Similarly, we advise you to trust only verified no-logs VPNs. Some VPN services log your ISP-assigned IP address (the unique number your cable, DSL, or mobile provider assigns to your device) and the IP addresses you use while logged into the VPN services.

External auditors have examined NordVPN’s operations and have verified that the company and its servers do not log personally identifiable data. That’s one reason we encourage people to get NordVPN.

Other services, such as ExpressVPN have gone through auditing processes and can confirm that their services match their claims.

Check out top VPNs from an unbiased source

We aren’t directly associated with any VPN provider. Therefore, we provide an unbiased perspective on the world’s top VPNs.

In some cases, we provide you with our affiliate links so that you can get the best money-saving deals from recommended VPNs. Although we may earn a referral fee or commission from your VPN purchases, we never have access to any of your personal or payment information.

Check out our VPN blog. Below, you’ll find links to our latest articles and posts.