Connect to Surfshark for Secure Internet

Did you choose Surfshark as your VPN? Even if you’re still shopping for a VPN, you need to know what it’s like to connect to Surfshark for secure internet.

If you haven’t done so already, read our post where we took you step-by-step through the process of how to download and install Surfshark VPN.

Now, continue reading to learn how to connect to Surfshark.

Connect to Surfshark

A VPN can help you stay secure and anonymous when you use the internet.

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What is OctoNet HTTP filter?

Question: I was anonymously surfing the internet with TorGuard VPN enabled and I went to visit a page on Rather than loading the site, my browser displayed a message saying I was blocked by OctoNet HTTP filter: What is OctoNet HTTP filter?

About OctoNet HTTP filter?

OctoNet is a web server filter that prevents visitors from “blocked” IP addresses from accessing content on that site. In your case, OctoNet has blocked your TorGuard-assigned IP address.

Websites that use OctoNet HTTP filter want to place tracking cookies on your computer so that they can harvest your online activities. So, by harassing you as a VPN user, they hope that you’ll disable your VPN so that you can access that website’s content. read more

How to Download and Install Sufshark VPN

Are you interested in being safe online? If so, you should consider using Surshark, a verified, anonymous VPN that encrypts your data and unblocks restricted online resources. Before you buy, learn how to download and install Surfshark VPN.

By learning from our experience, you can make an informed decision when you’re ready to buy.

How to Download and Install Surfshark VPN

I’ve never installed Surfshark before. So, join me as I figure this out.

I’ll show you screen shots for every step, so you know what to expect when you set up Surfshark read more

CactusVPN Overview [VIDEO]

Check out our latest CactusVPN video. We show you how to download and install CactusVPN.

Are you wondering what it’s like to use CactusVPN? Get a glimpse of it from our free video.

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CactusVPN Overview

You need CactusVPN to stay safe online. CactusVPN is a no-logs VPN that can help you stay anonymous, access geo-restricted content, and unblock social media and video content at school and work. read more