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Continue reading to learn an important lesson from an arson case in Colorado.

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Why do I need a no-log VPN service?

Let’s learn a lesson from the Gizmodo website. They published an article explaining the concept of “reverse search” and how police are using warrants to compel Google, Bing, and other search engines to give them information about users.

The reverse search warrant looks for the keywords that interest the police.

Google gives the police the IP addresses of everyone who searched for a specific keyword and related words.

In this case, the police thought that the defendant probably searched for the address of the house they burned down. They contacted Google with their warrant and got the IP addresses of everyone who searched for that keyword.

After getting IP addresses from Google, the police traced the IP addresses back to the criminals by contacting their internet service providers.

(Your home internet and your mobile devices have unique numbers (addresses) that connect you with what you’ve searched for online.)

Colorado’s Supreme Court this week had the opportunity to hand down a historic judgment on the constitutionality of “reverse keyword search warrants,” a powerful new surveillance technique that grants law enforcement the ability to identify potential criminal suspects based on broad, far-reaching internet search results.


Despite the glaring privacy and constitutional issues, the court refused a challenge to this type of search, opening the door for further abuses by law enforcement.

In the Colorado case, the police were looking for evidence against a suspect in an arson case. They got the data they needed from the search engine and used it against him in court. The suspect wanted the information tossed out since the police had violated his 4th amendment rights. The 4th amendment protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizures.

Mobile Phone Companies Complied

Police got data from mobile phone providers and other ISPs within a one-mile radius of the house that the arsonists burned down.

After that failed, the police decided to use a reverse-keyword search. The police went to Google three times for data before they got some information on the arson suspects.

Finally, on its third try, the DPD broke through. Google eventually complied with the order when DPD narrowed down the request to supposedly anonymous ISP information. Armed with that data, investigators were able to obtain a separate warrant ordering internet service providers to reveal the names of five people. Police eventually narrowed that down to three suspects: Then-16-year olds Kevin Bui and Gavin Seymour, and then-15-year-old Dillon Siebert.


What Does this Arson Case Have to do with Me?

We know that you’re not an arsonist. Most likely, you’ve not committed any crime.

Still, you probably want privacy. You probably want protection from the government. Right?

You need to know that – every time you do an internet search – you’re leaving yourself open to the government’s abuse of power. At any time, any government or law enforcement agency can connect your search phrases and keywords with you personally.

How a No-Log VPN Helps

NordVPN gives you a new IP address when you connect to their service. After you connect, the company does not store your actual IP address and connect it with your no-log VPN address (NordVPN).

Your ISP knows that you connected to a server on the internet, but – thanks to your NordVPN tunnel – the ISP can’t go any further.

After connecting to NordVPN, you can search Google for anything. You have a new IP address that the government does not know. Therefore, the no-log VPN protects you from abuses of police and government power.

No-Logs – a “Must Have” VPN Feature

Should the police go to NordVPN, the company can provide them with data from their non-existent logs.

Warrants and subpoenas sent to NordVPN result in a blank page sent back to the agency that requested the information.

No-Log NordVPN protects you from illegal and unconstitutional snooping.

In conclusion, you need a VPN service that (1) operates out of a non-5 eyes country AND (2) does not keep any logs that can connect your ISP address with your online activity.

NordVPN meets both requirements.