NordVPN for Netflix

Netflix doesn’t allow subscribers to use a VPN while accessing its content. The video streaming site uses advanced technologies to detect VPN users and deny them access to Netflix. You can expect difficulty when you use NordVPN for Netflix.

Why use NordVPN for Netflix?

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You want to use NordVPN for Netflix for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your ISP throttles internet speed and capacity based on content.
  • You want to view Netflix titles available in other countries but blocked in your country.
  • As you travel, you want to view Netflix titles from your home country in a foreign country.
  • Bypass network content filters, so you can watch Netflix at work or school.
  • You want to stay safe while using public WiFi.
  • NordVPN works better with Netflix with other VPN services, including TorGuard and Proton VPN.

NordVPN SmartPlay

SmartPlay, a feature built into every NordVPN app, combines Smart DNS technology with your VPN service to give you an enjoyable experience while using NordVPN for Netflix.

SmartPlay uses automation to simplify connecting to foreign servers that can stream Netflix. SmartPlay also works with Amazon Video and other commercial video streaming services.

When you use SmartPlay, you only must connect to the right NordVPN server. NordVPN handles the rest.

Learn more about NordVPN Smartplay at the NordVPN website.

How can I know if NordVPN is working with Netflix?

You know your current NordVPN server doesn’t work for Netflix if receive a VPN blocked message. Also, your Netflix content might get stuck on 25% while loading.

Will NordVPN work for Netflix?

You can try different NordVPN servers until you find one that works for Netflix. If you can’t find one, contact NordVPN customer support. A technician may supply you with some NordVPN servers, which Netflix isn’t blocking.

NordVPN was working for Netflix, but now it doesn’t. Why?

Netflix constantly and automatically tests their users’ IP addresses. The company also analyzes the traffic sent between its servers and your computer. When Netflix determines you’re using a VPN, the system will automatically flag your IP address (the IP address of your NordVPN server) and place it on a blacklist.

By actively blocking VPN traffic, Netflix complicates your effort to use NordVPN to access its services. In fact, you will experience challenges using any VPN or proxy service over a long period.

Still, NordVPN users seem to experience the highest frustration while using their VPN with Netflix. This is probably because NordVPN is the leading (and, therefore, most visible) VPN service in the USA.

How do I use NordVPN with Netflix?

If you want to try using NordVPN to access Netflix, use our link to get a great deal. Next, read the directions provided by NordVPN for Netflix users.

Always choose NordVPN over competing services such as Private VPN to get the best results for streaming Netflix.