NordVPN Login

Your NordVPN login looks different. Rather than logging in from the VPN site, NordVPN redirects you to your Nord account.

Now, you can access all your Nord services from one central location.

Even if you have three or more NordTech services, you only need one password.

NordVPN Login

NordAccount gives you a simple way to manage all your Nord products.

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I you’re new to Nord, all you have to do is create a Nord Account. You’ll have an easy, safe way to access all your account and billing details. You’ll have a single login for NordVPN, NordPass, NordTeams, NordLocker.

Nord Login Video

Use this link to view the NordAccount video on YouTube. Below, you can also check out the same video without leaving this page.

How does the new Nord Login help you?

First, you only have to remember one username and password to use all your Nord products.

Granted, if you get NordPass, passwords aren’t much of an issue for you anymore. Still, NordAccount simplifies your online experience.

Second, you have a central place from which you can manage all your subscriptions. For example, you can see when they all expire and whether you have them on auto renew.

Use the “Log in with account” option to make logging into your NordVPN app and browser extension fast and easy.

Finally, a simplified, easy to use control panel removes the guesswork from your Nord experience.

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Nord Login FAQ

I’m a long-time NordVPN user. How do I upgrade my NordVPN login to NordAccount?

Nothing. The Nord team has made the transition to NordAccount seamless and painless.

I’m new to Nord. Why do I need a NordAccount?

You only need a NordAccount login if you will use Nord Products. When you get NordVPN, you will automatically get NordAccount.

Learn more about NordVPN

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